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Extract text, tables, bank statements, invoices and ID from PDFs, scanned documents or photos, automatically

Moving to DynamoDB, A Single Table at a Time

13 Mar 2023

Textreme is an OCR app that simplifies the process of getting data trapped in images into a useful format. As the ...

Complete Your Tax Return With Textreme

13 Mar 2023

With the advent of digitalisation, businesses have increasingly shifted towards digital transactions and records. ...

Converting Bank Statements with Textreme

06 Dec 2022

Bank statements can be frustrating documents. There are many use cases that required well formatted financial data...

Convert PDF to Excel

21 Oct 2022

Textreme can be used to quickly and easily convert PDF documents containing tabular data into Excel format. This a...

How to Extract Tables from PDF Files

10 Oct 2022

We’ve all been there. You’ve got a report to write, you need to update a table of figures from last month’s report...

Welcome to Textreme!

07 Oct 2022

Textreme is a new kind of OCR. A simple one, one that focuses on the object of the exercise; to get your text and ...