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Convert PDF to Excel

21 Oct 2022

Textreme can be used to quickly and easily convert PDF documents containing tabular data into Excel format. This allows you to then edit or analyse the data in a familiar tool, without the hassle of manually transcribing it from the PDF.

PDF to Excel conversion is as simple as uploading the document, then downloading the result.

Step 1

Head to Textreme and sign in (or register first, it takes two clicks!). Click the “Tables” tab.

Table upload

Step 2

Drag the document you wish to convert onto the upload area. Processing beings automatically. Textreme converts JPEG and PNG images to Excel as well, not just PDF!

Step 3

Wait for processing to complete. Once the green tick appears, select your document from the file list, then navigate to the File Actions menu. Select “Download Tables as Excel”. Your PDF to Excel conversion is complete.

Table file menu